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server for educative contents as courses, exercises, examsWIMS is an acronym for WWW Interactive Mathematics Server. Nowadays WIMS serves much more than mathematic contents (physics, chemistry, biology, languages). . The WIMS educational platform features a rich set of resources and exercises either with free access or for personalised study. . * exercises with automatic feedback and correction, which allow the learners to work at their own pace; * interactive exercices with randomly assigned data, which allow the learners to work on the same type of exercise but with different data and as often as they wish; * exercises with an automatic scoring system, which enhances learner motivation; * user-friendly graphics and calculation tools; * courses and documents with hyperlinks to the exercise pool, and also eventually randomly built parts to exemplify theories * support for exams with pre-published contents. As each individual exam will have randomly chosen data, training is possible but writing each response in advance is not. . This package contains the WIMS fast CGI server, serving OEF documents. OEF is the acromym for "Open Exercise Format", a very high-level language which allow authors to focus on pedagogical issues.
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