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edu::hws::jcm::data::ParserExtension Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for edu::hws::jcm::data::ParserExtension:

edu::hws::jcm::data::MathObject edu::hws::jcm::awt::DataTableInput edu::hws::jcm::functions::FunctionParserExtension edu::hws::jcm::functions::SummationParser edu::hws::jcm::functions::ExpressionFunction edu::hws::jcm::functions::TableFunction edu::hws::jcm::functions::WrapperFunction

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Detailed Description

A ParserExtension can be defined to add new capabilities to a standard Parser. Examples include user-defined functions and summations (using a notation of the form "sum(i, 0, n, x^n/i!)"). A ParserExtension is a MathObject, so it has a name and can be registered with a Parser. When the Parser encounters the name in a string, it turns control of the parsing process over to the ParserExtension, which must parse any necessary arguments and generate any ExpressionProgram commands.

Definition at line 38 of file ParserExtension.java.

Public Member Functions

void doParse (Parser parser, ParserContext context)
String getName ()
void setName (String name)

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