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rene::util::parser::StringParser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is a string simple parser.

Definition at line 9 of file StringParser.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean advance ()
boolean blank (char c)
boolean blank ()
boolean error ()
boolean isint ()
char next ()
String parsedigits ()
String parsedigits (char c)
int parseint (char c)
int parseint ()
String parseword (char c)
String parseword ()
void replace (char c1, char c2)
boolean skip (String s)
void skipblanks ()
 StringParser (String S)
String upto (char c)
String wrapline (int columns)
Vector wraplines (int columns)
String wraplineword (int columns)
Vector wrapwords (int columns)

Package Attributes

char C []
boolean Error
int L
int N

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