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edu::hws::jcm::awt::InputObject Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for edu::hws::jcm::awt::InputObject:

edu::hws::jcm::awt::Animator edu::hws::jcm::awt::Controller edu::hws::jcm::awt::ExpressionInput edu::hws::jcm::awt::VariableInput edu::hws::jcm::awt::VariableSlider edu::hws::jcm::draw::CoordinateRect edu::hws::jcm::draw::DisplayCanvas edu::hws::jcm::draw::DraggablePoint edu::hws::jcm::draw::LimitControlPanel edu::hws::jcm::draw::MouseTracker

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Detailed Description

An InputObject represents some sort of value that can be changed by, for example, user interaction with a GUI element. The value can actually change only when the checkInput() method is called. Generally, an InputObject is a GUI element with an associated MathObject such as a Variable or Expression. For example, a VariableInput is a text-input box where the user can enter the value of a Variable. However, the input is only checked and the value of the variable can only change when the VariableInput's checkInput() method is called. The checkInput() method is generally meant to be called by a Controller object. The checkInput() method should throw a JCMError if an error occurs. See the Controller class for more information.

David Eck

Definition at line 42 of file InputObject.java.

Public Member Functions

void checkInput ()
void notifyControllerOnChange (Controller c)

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