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edu::hws::jcm::draw::TangentLine Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for edu::hws::jcm::draw::TangentLine:

edu::hws::jcm::draw::DrawGeometric edu::hws::jcm::draw::Drawable edu::hws::jcm::awt::Computable

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Detailed Description

A Tangent line is a line that is tangent to the graph of a specified function of one argument at a specified value of its argument. If added to a CoordinateRect, it will appear as a line. A TangentLine is a Computable object, so should be added to a Controller to be recomputed when the Value or Function changes.

Definition at line 38 of file TangentLine.java.

Public Member Functions

void compute ()
void draw (Graphics g, boolean coordsChanged)
Color getColor ()
Color getFillColor ()
int getH ()
int getLineWidth ()
int getV ()
boolean getVisible ()
Value getX1 ()
Value getX2 ()
Value getY1 ()
Value getY2 ()
void needsRedraw ()
void setColor (Color c)
void setFillColor (Color c)
void setH (int x)
void setLineWidth (int width)
void setPoints (Value x1, Value y1, int h, int v)
void setPoints (Value x1, Value y1, Value x2, Value y2)
void setShape (int shape)
void setV (int y)
void setVisible (boolean show)
void setX1 (Value x)
void setX2 (Value x)
void setY1 (Value y)
void setY2 (Value y)
 TangentLine (Value x, Function f)

Static Public Attributes

static final int CROSS = 11
static final int INFINITE_LINE_ABSOLUTE = 1
static final int INFINITE_LINE_RELATIVE = 5
static final int LINE_ABSOLUTE = 0
static final int LINE_CENTERED = 8
static final int LINE_RELATIVE = 4
static final int OVAL_ABSOLUTE = 3
static final int OVAL_CENTERED = 10
static final int OVAL_RELATIVE = 7
static final int RECT_ABSOLUTE = 2
static final int RECT_CENTERED = 9
static final int RECT_RELATIVE = 6

Protected Member Functions

void setOwnerData (DisplayCanvas canvas, CoordinateRect coords)

Protected Attributes

double a = Double.NaN
double b
double c
DisplayCanvas canvas
Color color = Color.black
CoordinateRect coords
double d
Color fillColor
int h = 10
int lineWidth = 1
int shape
int v = 10
Value x1
Value x2
Value y1
Value y2

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