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Value edu::hws::jcm::draw::CoordinateRect::getValueObject ( final int  which  )  [inline]

Get a Value object representing one of the limits on this CoordinateRect. The parameter should be one of the constants CoordinateRect.XMIN, CoordinateRect.XMAX, CoordinateRect.YMIN, or CoordinateRect.YMAX. (If not, it is treated the same as YMAX).

Definition at line 229 of file CoordinateRect.java.

References getXmax(), getXmin(), getYmax(), getYmin(), XMAX, XMIN, and YMIN.

Referenced by EpsilonDelta::setUpCanvas().

      return new Value() {
         public double getVal() {
            switch (which) {
               case XMIN: return getXmin();
               case XMAX: return getXmax();
               case YMIN: return getYmin();
               default:   return getYmax();

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