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double [] edu::hws::jcm::draw::CoordinateRect::zoomInOnPixel ( int  x,
int  y 
) [inline]

Change limits to zoom in by a factor of 2, centered on a specified point. A maximal zoom is enforced. The point does not move. Only valid when CoordinateRect is displayed in a rectangle on the screen.

x the horizontal pixel coordinate of the center point of the zoom
y the vertical pixel coordinate of the center point of the zoom
an array of the new limits, or null if limits don't change.

Definition at line 551 of file CoordinateRect.java.

References badData(), getLimits(), pixelToX(), pixelToY(), and setLimits().

      if (badData())
         return getLimits();
      double halfwidth = (xmax - xmin)/4.0;
      double halfheight = (ymax - ymin)/4.0;
      if (Math.abs(halfheight) < 1e-100 || Math.abs(halfwidth) < 1e-100)
           return null;
      double xclick = pixelToX(x);
      double yclick = pixelToY(y);
      double centerx = (xmin+xmax)/2;
      double centery = (ymin+ymax)/2;
      double newCenterx = (centerx+xclick)/2;
      double newCentery = (centery+yclick)/2;
      setLimits(newCenterx - halfwidth, newCenterx + halfwidth,
                   newCentery - halfheight, newCentery + halfheight);
      return getLimits();      

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