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String GenericGraphApplet::getParameter ( String  paramName  )  [inline]

Override the standard applet method getParameter(String) so that when no param value is provided in the applet tag, and if parameterDefaults is non-null, it will check for a value the parameterDefaults. (The parameterDefaults instance variable can be defined in the setUpParameterDefaults() method.)

Definition at line 503 of file GenericGraphApplet.java.

References parameterDefaults.

Referenced by getColorParam(), getNumericParam(), getParameter(), init(), makeAxes(), setUpBottomPanel(), EpsilonDelta::setUpBottomPanel(), setUpCanvas(), EpsilonDelta::setUpCanvas(), setUpExampleMenu(), setUpLimitsPanel(), setUpMainPanel(), setUpParser(), and setUpTopPanel().

      String val = super.getParameter(paramName);
      if (val == null && parameterDefaults != null)
         val = (String)parameterDefaults.get(paramName);
      return val;

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