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rene::dialogs::ColorEditor Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A dialog to edit a color. The result is stored in the Global parameters under the specified name string.
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Definition at line 71 of file ColorEditor.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void addHelp (Panel p, String subject)
void center ()
void center (Frame f)
void centerOut (Frame f)
boolean close ()
 ColorEditor (Frame F, String s, Color c)
void doAction (String o)
void doclose ()
boolean escape ()
void focusGained (FocusEvent e)
void focusLost (FocusEvent e)
boolean isAborted ()
void itemAction (String o, boolean flag)
void keyPressed (KeyEvent e)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent e)
void keyTyped (KeyEvent e)
void notePosition (String name)
void noteSize (String name)
void setcolor ()
void setDispose (boolean flag)
void setPosition (String name)
void setSize (String name)
void showHelp ()
void windowActivated (WindowEvent e)
void windowClosed (WindowEvent e)
void windowClosing (WindowEvent e)
void windowDeactivated (WindowEvent e)
void windowDeiconified (WindowEvent e)
void windowIconified (WindowEvent e)
void windowOpened (WindowEvent e)

Static Public Member Functions

static void center (Frame f, Dialog dialog)

Public Attributes

boolean Aborted = false
ActionEvent E
String Subject = ""

Package Attributes

ColorScrollbar Blue
Label BlueLabel
Color C
Panel CP
boolean Dispose = true
Frame F
ColorScrollbar Green
Label GreenLabel
String Name
ColorScrollbar Red
Label RedLabel

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