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double [] GenericGraphApplet::getNumericParam ( String  paramName,
double[]  defaults 
) [inline, protected]

Get The value of an applet parameter that consists of a list of numbers. The parameter value, if any, is parsed and returned as array of double values. The numbers can be separated by commas, spaces, tabs, or semicolons.

paramName The name of the applet parameter.
defaultValue The value to be returned if getParameter(paramName) is null or is not a valid list of numbers.

Definition at line 539 of file GenericGraphApplet.java.

References getParameter().

      String data = getParameter(paramName);
      if (data == null)
         return defaults;
      StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(data," \t,;");
      int count = tokenizer.countTokens();
      if (count == 0) 
         return defaults;
      double[] numbers = new double[count];
      for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {
         try {
            Double d = new Double(tokenizer.nextToken());
            numbers[i] = d.doubleValue();
         catch (NumberFormatException e) {
            return defaults;
      return numbers;

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