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GenericGraphApplet Class Reference

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DataPlotApplet EpsilonDelta

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Detailed Description

GenericGraphApplet serves as a base class for applets that have a DisplayCanvas in the CENTER of a BorderLayout and that are configurable by a large number of applet parameters. This base class sets up the basic structure of the applet and processes many applet parameters. Most of the work is done in methods that can be overridden in subclasses. If the height of the applet is greater than 100 and if the applet parameter "LaunchButtonName" is not defined, then the main panel of the applet appears in the applet itself. Otherwise, the applet appears as a button. Clicking the button opens the main panel of the applet in a separate, resizable frame.

Definition at line 36 of file GenericGraphApplet.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent evt)
synchronized void destroy ()
String getParameter (String paramName)
void init ()
void itemStateChanged (ItemEvent evt)
void stop ()

Protected Member Functions

void addCanvasBorder ()
void doLoadExample (String example)
Color getColorParam (String paramName, Color defaultColor)
Color getColorParam (String data)
double[] getNumericParam (String paramName, double[] defaults)
double[] getNumericParam (String paramName)
String getParameter (String paramName, String defaultValue)
Axes makeAxes ()
TableFunction parseTableFuncDef (String def)
void setUpBottomPanel ()
void setUpCanvas ()
void setUpExampleMenu ()
void setUpLimitsPanel ()
void setUpMainPanel ()
void setUpParameterDefaults ()
void setUpParser ()
void setUpTopPanel ()

Protected Attributes

DisplayCanvas canvas
Button computeButton
int[] defaultFrameSize = { 550, 400}
JCMPanel exampleMenuPanel
String frameTitle
ExpressionInput functionInput
JCMPanel inputPanel
LimitControlPanel limitsPanel
Controller mainController
JCMPanel mainPanel
Hashtable parameterDefaults
Parser parser
Variable xVar

Private Member Functions

void define (String str)
synchronized void doLaunchButton ()
synchronized void frameClosed ()

Private Attributes

String[] colorNames
Color[] colors
Choice exampleMenu
Vector exampleStrings
Frame frame
Button launchButton
String launchButtonName
Button loadExampleButton

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