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 * Created on 28.10.2005
package rene.zirkel.objects;

import rene.util.xml.XmlWriter;
import rene.zirkel.construction.Construction;

 * An intersection between two object that can bind
 * points on them. The intersection is computed by
 * projecting the point to both objects and predicting
 * the intersection point. 
 * @author Rene

00019 public class PointonObjectIntersectionObject extends IntersectionObject
{     public double Eps=1e-5;
      public PointonObjectIntersectionObject (Construction c,
            ConstructionObject p1, ConstructionObject p2)
      {     super(c,p1,p2);
      public void validate (double x, double y)
      {     setXY(x,y);

      public void printArgs (XmlWriter xml)
      {     xml.printArg("first",P1.getName());
            if (getAway()!=null)
            {     if (StayAway) xml.printArg("awayfrom",getAway().getName());
                  else xml.printArg("closeto",getAway().getName());
            if (!Restricted) xml.printArg("valid","true");

       * Troublesome function to intersect two objects.
       * This is done by projecting the intersection point to
       * each of the objects in turn.
       * To speed up the convergence, a line intersection is
       * computed, where the lines approximate the objects.
00053       public void validate ()
      {     if (!P1.valid() || !P2.valid()) Valid=false;
            else Valid=true;
            if (!Valid) return;
            double distold=projectOnce();
            if (!Valid) return;
            for (int i=0; i<10; i++)
            {     double dist1=projectOnce();
                  if (dist1>=distold && dist1<Eps) return;
                  double a=(x1-x),b=(y1-y);
                  double s=Math.max(Math.abs(a),Math.abs(b)); 
                  if (Math.abs(s)>1e-13) a/=s; b/=s;
                  double c=(X-x1),d=(Y-y1);
                  if (Math.abs(s)>1e-13) c/=s; d/=s;
                  double e=a*x1+b*y1,f=c*X+d*Y;
                  double det=a*d-c*b;
                  if (Math.abs(det)>1e-13)
                  {     double xn=(e*d-f*b)/det;
                        double yn=(a*f-c*e)/det;
                        double xold=X,yold=Y;
                        X=xn; Y=yn;
                        double dist2=projectOnce();
                        if (dist2>dist1) // interpolation does not work
                        {     X=xold; Y=yold;
                        else distold=dist2;
      double x,y,x1,y1;
      public double projectOnce ()
      {     x=X; y=Y;
            // System.out.println("Before: "+X+" "+Y);
            // System.out.println("Projected to "+P1.getName()+": "+X+" "+Y);
            double dist=Math.max(Math.abs(X-x),Math.abs(Y-y));
            x1=X; y1=Y;
            // System.out.println("Projected to "+P2.getName()+": "+X+" "+Y);
            double dist1=Math.max(Math.abs(X-x1),Math.abs(Y-y1));
            return Math.max(dist,dist1);
      public boolean moveable ()
      {     return true;

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