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package rene.zirkel.objects;

// file: SegmentObject.java

import rene.util.xml.XmlWriter;
import rene.zirkel.Zirkel;
import rene.zirkel.ZirkelCanvas;
import rene.zirkel.construction.Construction;
import rene.zirkel.construction.Count;
import rene.zirkel.graphics.MyGraphics;
import rene.zirkel.graphics.MyGraphics13;
import rene.zirkel.structures.Coordinates;

public class RayObject extends TwoPointLineObject
{     static Count N=new Count();
      public RayObject (Construction c, PointObject p1, PointObject p2)
      {     super(c,p1,p2);
      public String getTag () { return "Ray"; }
      public int getN () { return N.next(); }
      public void updateText ()
      {     setText(text2(Zirkel.name("text.ray"),P1.getName(),P2.getName()));
      public void validate ()
      {     if (!P1.valid() || !P2.valid()) { Valid=false; return; }
            {     Valid=true;
                  X1=P1.getX(); Y1=P1.getY();
                  X2=P2.getX(); Y2=P2.getY();
                  // compute normalized vector in the direction of the line:
                  DX=X2-X1; DY=Y2-Y1; 
                  if (R<1e-10) { Valid=false; return; }
                  DX/=R; DY/=R;
      public void paint (MyGraphics g, ZirkelCanvas zc)
      {     if (!Valid || mustHide(zc)) return;
            //compute middle of the screen:
            double xm=(zc.minX()+zc.maxX())/2,ym=(zc.minY()+zc.maxY())/2;
            // compute distance from middle to line:
            double d=(xm-X1)*DY-(ym-Y1)*DX;
            // compute point with minimal distance
            double x=xm-d*DY,y=ym+d*DX;
            // compute size of the screen
            double a=Math.max(zc.maxX()-zc.minX(),zc.maxY()-zc.minY());
            if (Math.abs(d)>a) return;
            // compute distance from closest point to source
            double b=(x-X1)*DX+(y-Y1)*DY;
            // compute the two visible endpoints
            k1=b-a; k2=b+a; k12valid=true;
            if (k1<0) k1=0;
            if (k1>=k2) return;
            if (Partial && !zc.showHidden() && Dep!=null)
            {     double dd=(zc.maxX()-zc.minX())/20;
                  double dmin=-dd,dmax=R+dd;
                  for (int i=0; i<NDep; i++)
                  {     if (!Dep[i].valid() || Dep[i].mustHide(zc)) continue;
                        double s=project(Dep[i].getX(),Dep[i].getY());
                        if (s-dd<dmin) dmin=s-dd;
                        else if (s+dd>dmax) dmax=s+dd;
                  if (k1<dmin) k1=dmin;
                  if (k2>dmax) k2=dmax;
            double c1=zc.col(X1+k1*DX),c2=zc.col(X1+k2*DX),
            // paint:
            if (isStrongSelected() && g instanceof MyGraphics13)
            {     ((MyGraphics13)g).drawMarkerLine(c1,r1,c2,r2);
            if (visible(zc)) g.drawLine(c1,r1,c2,r2,this);
            String s=getDisplayText();
            if (!s.equals(""))
            {     g.setLabelColor(this);
                  double c=-b+a/5;
                  if (c<-a/5) c=-a/5;
                  else if (c>a/5) c=a/5;
                  if (c<-b+a/10) c=-b+a/10;
                  if (KeepClose)
                  {     double side=(YcOffset<0)?1:-1;
      public boolean canKeepClose ()
      {     return true;
      public void setKeepClose (double x, double y)
      {     KeepClose=true;

      public String getDisplayValue ()
      {     return ""+round(R,ZirkelCanvas.LengthsFactor);

      public boolean nearto (int c, int r, ZirkelCanvas zc)
      {     if (!displays(zc)) return false;
            //compute point at c,r
            double x=zc.x(c),y=zc.y(r);
            // compute distance from line
            double d=(x-X1)*DY-(y-Y1)*DX;
            // compute offset
            double o=(x-X1)*DX+(y-Y1)*DY,o1=(X2-X1)*DX+(Y2-Y1)*DY;
            if (o1>0)
            {     if (o<0) d=Math.sqrt((x-X1)*(x-X1)+(y-Y1)*(y-Y1));
            {     if (o>0) d=Math.sqrt((x-X1)*(x-X1)+(y-Y1)*(y-Y1));
            // test, if on visible part
            double s=project(x,y);
            if (s<k1 || s>k2) return false;
            // scale in screen coordinates
            return Value<zc.selectionSize()*2;

      public void printArgs (XmlWriter xml)
      {     xml.printArg("from",P1.getName());

      public boolean contains (double x, double y)
      {     double a=(x-X1)*DX+(y-Y1)*DY;
            if (a<1e-9) return false;
            return true;
      public double project (double x, double y)
      {     double h=super.project(x,y);
            if (h<0) return 0;
            return h;

      public boolean equals (ConstructionObject o)
      {     if (!(o instanceof RayObject) || !o.valid()) return false;
            RayObject l=(RayObject)o;
            return equals(X1,l.X1) && equals(Y1,l.Y1) &&
                  equals(DX,l.DX) && equals(DY,l.DY);

      public static Coordinates intersect 
            (PrimitiveLineObject l1, PrimitiveLineObject l2)
      // compute the intersection coordinates of two lines
      {     double det=-l1.DX*l2.DY+l1.DY*l2.DX;
            if (Math.abs(det)<1e-10) return null;
            double a=(-(l2.X1-l1.X1)*l2.DY+(l2.Y1-l1.Y1)*l2.DX)/det;
            return new Coordinates(l1.X1+a*l1.DX,l1.Y1+a*l1.DY);

      public static Coordinates intersect
            (PrimitiveLineObject l, PrimitiveCircleObject c)
      // compute the intersection coordinates of a line with a circle
      {     double x=c.getX(),y=c.getY(),r=c.getR();
            double d=(x-l.X1)*l.DY-(y-l.Y1)*l.DX;
            if (Math.abs(d)>r+1e-10) return null;
            x-=d*l.DY; y+=d*l.DX;
            double h=r*r-d*d;
            if (h>0) h=Math.sqrt(h);
            else h=0;
            return new Coordinates(x+h*l.DX,y+h*l.DY,x-h*l.DX,y-h*l.DY);


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