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    WIMSchem Elements: Chemistry molecular diagram drawing tool.
    (c) 2005 Dr. Alex M. Clark
    Released as GNUware, under the Gnu Public License (GPL)
    See www.gnu.org for details.

package WIMSchem;

import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;
import java.lang.*;
import java.io.*;
import javax.swing.filechooser.*;

// Selecting files by extension (strangely absent from Java).

public class FileExtFilter extends javax.swing.filechooser.FileFilter
    String descr;
    ArrayList<String> exts;
    public FileExtFilter(String descroot,String suffixes)
      exts=new ArrayList<String>();
      StringTokenizer tok=new StringTokenizer(suffixes,";");
      while (tok.hasMoreTokens()) exts.add(tok.nextToken());
      descr=descroot+" (";
      for (int n=0;n<exts.size();n++) descr=descr+(n>0 ? " " : "")+"*"+exts.get(n);
    public String getDescription() {return descr;}
    public boolean accept(File f)
      if (f.isDirectory()) return true;
      for (int n=0;n<exts.size();n++) if (f.getName().endsWith(exts.get(n))) return true;
      return false;

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