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rene::gui::IconBar Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for rene::gui::IconBar:

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Detailed Description

This panel displays icons and reacts on mouse actions. It can also interpret key strokes to traverse the icons.

Definition at line 827 of file IconBar.java.

Public Member Functions

void addColorIconLeft (String name, Color colors[])
void addColorIconRight (String name, Color colors[])
void addLeft (BasicIcon i)
void addLeft (String name)
void addMultipleIconLeft (String name, int number)
void addMultipleIconRight (String name, int number)
void addMultipleStringIconLeft (String name, String s[])
void addMultipleStringIconRight (String name, String s[])
void addMultipleToggleIconLeft (String name, int number)
void addMultipleToggleIconRight (String name, int number)
void addOnOffLeft (String name)
void addOnOffRight (String name)
void addRight (BasicIcon i)
void addRight (String name)
void addSeparatorLeft ()
void addSeparatorRight ()
void addStateLeft (String name)
void addStateRight (String name)
void addToggleGroupLeft (String name, Color colors[])
void addToggleGroupLeft (String name, int n)
void addToggleGroupLeft (String names[])
void addToggleGroupLeft (String names[], String breaks[])
void addToggleGroupRight (String name, Color colors[])
void addToggleGroupRight (String name, int n)
void addToggleGroupRight (String names[])
void addToggleGroupRight (String names[], String breaks[])
void addToggleLeft (String name)
void addToggleRight (String name)
void clearShiftControl ()
synchronized void displayHelp (IconBarElement i, String text)
void doLayout ()
void focusGained (FocusEvent e)
void focusLost (FocusEvent e)
void forceRepaint ()
String getHelp (String name)
Object getIcon (int n)
void getKey (KeyEvent e)
Dimension getMinimumSize ()
int getMultipleState (String name)
Dimension getPreferredSize ()
boolean getState (String name)
int getToggleState (String name)
boolean have (String name)
 IconBar (Frame f)
 IconBar (Frame f, boolean traversefocus)
void iconPressed (String name)
void iconPressed (String name, boolean shift, boolean control)
boolean isControlPressed ()
boolean isSet (String name)
boolean isShiftPressed ()
void keyPressed (KeyEvent e)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent e)
void keyTyped (KeyEvent e)
void removeAll ()
synchronized void removeHelp ()
void removeIconBarListener (IconBarListener l)
void setEnabled (String name, boolean flag)
void setFocus (int n, boolean flag)
void setIconBarListener (IconBarListener l)
void setMultipleState (String name, int state)
void setShifted (boolean flag)
void setSize (int size)
void setState (String name, boolean flag)
void toggle (String name, int n)
void toggle (String name)
void unselect (String name)
void unset (String name)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[])

Public Attributes

final int Offset = 2
String Resource = "/"
boolean TraverseFocus = true
boolean UseSize = true
boolean Vertical = false

Package Attributes

boolean Control
Frame F
int Focus = 0
IconBarListener L = null
Vector Left = new Vector()
OverflowButton OB
boolean Overflow = false
int OverflowX
Vector Right = new Vector()
boolean Shift
boolean Shifted = false
int W
Window WHelp = null

Private Member Functions

BasicIcon find (String name)

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