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rene::gui::Global Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The Global class.

This class will load a resource bundle with local support. It will set various things from this resource file.

Definition at line 27 of file Global.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static synchronized void clearProperties ()
static double convert (String s)
static Font createfont (String name, String def, int defsize, boolean bold)
static synchronized void exit (int i)
static double getJavaVersion ()
static synchronized Color getParameter (String key, int red, int green, int blue)
static synchronized Color getParameter (String key, Color c)
static synchronized double getParameter (String key, double def)
static synchronized int getParameter (String key, int def)
static synchronized String getParameter (String key, String def)
static synchronized boolean getParameter (String key, boolean def)
static synchronized String getUserDir ()
static synchronized boolean haveParameter (String key)
static void initBundle (String file)
static void initBundle (String file, boolean language)
static boolean isApplet ()
static synchronized void loadProperties (String dir, String filename)
static synchronized boolean loadProperties (String filename)
static synchronized void loadProperties (InputStream in)
static synchronized boolean loadPropertiesFromResource (String filename)
static synchronized void loadPropertiesInHome (String filename)
static void main (String args[])
static void makeColors ()
static void makeFonts ()
static String name (String tag)
static String name (String tag, String def)
static Enumeration names ()
static synchronized Enumeration properties ()
static synchronized void removeAllParameters (String start)
static synchronized void removeParameter (String key)
static void resetDefaults ()
static synchronized void resetDefaults (String defaults)
static void saveProperties (String text, String filename)
static synchronized void saveProperties (String text)
static void setApplet (boolean flag)
static synchronized void setParameter (String key, Color c)
static synchronized void setParameter (String key, double value)
static synchronized void setParameter (String key, int value)
static synchronized void setParameter (String key, String value)
static synchronized void setParameter (String key, boolean value)
static void warning (String s)

Static Public Attributes

static String AppletClipboard = null
static Color Background = null
static Font BoldFont = null
static Color ControlBackground = null
static Object ExitBlock = new Object()
static Font FixedFont = null
static boolean IsApplet = false
static Font NormalFont = null

Static Protected Attributes

static ResourceBundle B

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
 [static initializer]

Static Package Attributes

static String ConfigName
static Frame F = null
static Properties P = new Properties()

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