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ptolemy::util::StringUtilities Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A collection of utilities for manipulating strings. These utilities do not depend on any other ptolemy packages.

Christopher Brooks, Contributors: Teale Fristoe
StringUtilities.java,v 1.111 2008/01/24 02:07:35 cxh Exp
Ptolemy II 2.1 .ProposedRating Green (eal) .AcceptedRating Green (cxh)

Definition at line 58 of file StringUtilities.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static String abbreviate (String longName)
static String ellipsis (String string, int length)
static String escapeForXML (String string)
static String escapeString (String string)
static void exit (int returnValue)
static String getIndentPrefix (int level)
static String getProperty (String propertyName)
static void mergePropertiesFile () throws IOException
static String objectToSourceFileName (Object object)
static String preferencesDirectory () throws IOException
static String propertiesFileName () throws IOException
static LinkedList readLines (String lines) throws IOException
static String sanitizeName (String name)
static String split (String longName, int length)
static String split (String longName)
static URL stringToURL (String name, URI baseDirectory, ClassLoader classLoader) throws IOException
static String substitute (String string, String pattern, String replacement)
static String substituteFilePrefix (String prefix, String string, String replacement)
static String[] tokenizeForExec (String inputString) throws IOException
static String truncateString (String string, int lineLength, int numberOfLines)
static String unescapeForXML (String string)
static String usageString (String commandTemplate, String[][] commandOptions, String[] commandFlags)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ELLIPSIS_LENGTH_LONG = 2000
static final int ELLIPSIS_LENGTH_SHORT = 400
static final String LINE_SEPARATOR
static String PREFERENCES_DIRECTORY = ".ptolemyII"

Private Member Functions

 StringUtilities ()

Static Private Attributes

static boolean _printedCygwinWarning = false
static String _ptolemyPtIIDir = null

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