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ptolemy::plot::PlotFrame Class Reference

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Detailed Description

PlotFrame is a versatile two-dimensional data plotter that runs as part of an application, but in its own window. It can read files compatible with the old Ptolemy plot file format (currently only ASCII). It is extended with the capability to read PlotML files in PlotMLFrame. An application can also interact directly with the contained Plot object, which is visible as a public member, by invoking its methods.

An application that uses this class should set up the handling of window-closing events. Presumably, the application will exit when all windows have been closed. This is done with code something like:

 plotFrameInstance.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter() {
 public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) {
Handle the event

PlotFrame contains an instance of PlotBox. PlotBox is the base class for classes with drawing capability, e.g. Plot, LogicAnalyzer. If not specified in the constructor, the default is to contain a Plot object. This field is set once in the constructor and immutable afterwards.

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Christopher Brooks and Edward A. Lee
PlotFrame.java,v 1.84 2007/12/16 07:29:48 cxh Exp
Ptolemy II 0.2 .ProposedRating Yellow (cxh) .AcceptedRating Yellow (cxh)

Definition at line 98 of file PlotFrame.java.

Public Member Functions

 PlotFrame (String title, PlotBox plotArg)
 PlotFrame (String title)
 PlotFrame ()
void samplePlot ()
void setVisible (boolean visible)

Public Attributes

PlotBox plot

Protected Member Functions

void _about ()
void _close ()
void _editFormat ()
void _export ()
void _help ()
void _open ()
void _print ()
void _printCrossPlatform ()
void _printNative ()
void _read (URL base, InputStream in) throws IOException
void _save ()
void _saveAs ()

Protected Attributes

File _directory = null
JMenu _editMenu = new JMenu("Edit")
File _file = null
JMenu _fileMenu = new JMenu("File")
JMenuBar _menubar = new JMenuBar()
JMenu _specialMenu = new JMenu("Special")


class  EPSFileFilter
class  FileMenuListener
class  FormatListener
class  PLTOrXMLFileFilter
class  SpecialMenuListener

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