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void ptolemy::plot::PlotFormatter::openModal (  )  [inline]

Open a format control window as a top-level, modal dialog.

Definition at line 296 of file PlotFormatter.java.

References _plot, apply(), ptolemy::gui::ComponentDialog::buttonPressed(), and restore().

Referenced by ptolemy::plot::PlotFrame::_editFormat().

        String[] buttons = { "Apply", "Cancel" };

        // NOTE: If the plot is in a top-level container that is a Frame
        // (as opposed to an applet), then tell the dialog that the Frame
        // owns the dialog.
        Container toplevel = _plot.getTopLevelAncestor();
        Frame frame = null;

        if (toplevel instanceof Frame) {
            frame = (Frame) toplevel;

        ComponentDialog dialog = new ComponentDialog(frame, "Set plot format",
                this, buttons);

        if (dialog.buttonPressed().equals("Apply")) {
        } else {

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