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ptolemy::plot::PlotFormatter Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JPanel.

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Detailed Description

PlotFormatter is a panel that controls the format of a plotter object passed to the constructor.

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Edward A. Lee
PlotFormatter.java,v 1.26 2005/07/08 19:59:35 cxh Exp
Ptolemy II 1.0 .ProposedRating Yellow (eal) .AcceptedRating Red (cxh)

Definition at line 56 of file PlotFormatter.java.

Public Member Functions

void apply ()
void openModal ()
 PlotFormatter (PlotBox plot)
void restore ()

Protected Attributes

final PlotBox _plot

Private Member Functions

void _restoreConnected ()
void _saveConnected ()
void _setConnected (boolean value)

Private Attributes

Query _narrowQuery
boolean _originalColor
boolean[][] _originalConnected
boolean _originalGrid
String _originalMarks
PlotPoint[][] _originalPoints
boolean _originalStems
String _originalTitle
String _originalXLabel
double[] _originalXRange
Vector[] _originalXTicks
String _originalXTicksSpec
String _originalYLabel
double[] _originalYRange
Vector[] _originalYTicks
String _originalYTicksSpec
Query _wideQuery

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