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void SharpTools::TableOp::actionPerformed ( ActionEvent  e  )  [inline]

This method is activated on the Keystrokes we are listening to in this implementation. Here it listens for keystroke ActionCommands.

Without this listener, when we press certain keys the individual cell will be activated into editing mode in addition to the effect of the key accelerators we defined with menu items. With this key listener, we avoid this side effect.

Definition at line 333 of file TableOp.java.


      if (e.getActionCommand().compareTo(SharpTools.translation.getProperty("Insert_Row"))==0) {
      else if (e.getActionCommand().compareTo(SharpTools.translation.getProperty("Insert_Column"))==0) {
      else if (e.getActionCommand().compareTo(SharpTools.translation.getProperty("Delete_Row"))==0) {
      else if (e.getActionCommand().compareTo(SharpTools.translation.getProperty("Delete_Column"))==0) {

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