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SharpTools::SharpTableModel Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is the table data structure of the spreadsheet (i.e. the heart of the backend). Although this class implements the methods needed for TableModel, it also has methods for maintaining dependencies and some data manipulation.

Note: This structure only holds Cell objects! It's methods take into account the Cell object. If you modified the cell class please check the methods in this class.

Ricky Chin

Definition at line 29 of file SharpTableModel.java.

Public Member Functions

void addRefs (int aRow, int aColumn)
void clearRange (CellRange range)
void doSetValueAt (Object aValue, int aRow, int aColumn)
Cell getCellAt (int aRow, int aColumn)
Class getColumnClass (int c)
String getColumnName (int col)
Number getNumericValueAt (int row, int col) throws ParserException
Cell[][] getRange (CellRange range)
JTable getTable ()
Object getValueAt (int aRow, int aColumn)
void insertColumn (CellRange insertRange)
void insertRow (CellRange insertRange)
boolean isCellEditable (int row, int column)
boolean isDeletionSafe (CellRange range, boolean byRow)
boolean isEmptyCell (int row, int col)
boolean isFormula (int aRow, int aColumn)
boolean isModified ()
CellPoint look (CellPoint begin, Object goal, boolean matchCase, boolean matchCell)
void recalculate (CellPoint x)
void recalculate (int aRow, int aColumn)
void recalculateAll ()
void removeColumn (CellRange deletionRange)
void removeRefs (int aRow, int aColumn)
void removeRow (CellRange deletionRange)
void setCellAt (Object input, int aRow, int aColumn)
void setModified (boolean modified)
void setPasswordModified (boolean modified)
void setRange (CellRange range, Cell[][] data, boolean byValue)
void setRange (CellRange range, Object[][] data)
void setSelection (CellRange sel)
void setValueAt (Object aValue, int aRow, int aColumn)
 SharpTableModel (SharpTools sharp, Object[][] data)
 SharpTableModel (SharpTools sharp, int numRows, int numColumns)
 SharpTableModel (SharpTools sharp)
void sort (CellRange area, int primary, int second, boolean isRow, boolean ascend, boolean tiebreaker)
String to_WIMS (CellRange range, boolean byValue, boolean matrix)
String toString ()
String toString (CellRange range, boolean byValue)
String toWIMS (boolean matrix)
void updateRefs (int aRow, int aColumn)

Static Public Member Functions

static Object fieldParser (String input)
static CellPoint getSize (String input)

Protected Member Functions

void fill (CellRange range, Object input)
void fillRange (CellRange range, String s)

Package Functions

void fromString (String text, int rowOff, int colOff, CellRange range)
void setHistory (History h)

Private Member Functions

void addColumn ()
void addRow ()
int compareLines (int primary, boolean isRow, boolean ascending, int i, int j)
Cell getCriteria (int interest, int i, boolean isRow)
void getRefs (int row, int col, TreeSet set)
TreeSet getRefs (int row, int col)
int[] internalSort (CellRange area, int primary, int second, boolean isRow, boolean ascend, boolean tiebreaker)
boolean isLoop (CellPoint cell, TreeSet set)
boolean isLoop (CellPoint cell)
void removeColumn ()
boolean rightOrder (int primary, int second, boolean isRow, int i, int j, boolean ascend, boolean order)

Static Private Member Functions

static Object fieldParser (String input, CellPoint c)

Private Attributes

History history
boolean modified
boolean passwordModified
SharpTools sharp

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