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void rene::dialogs::MyFileDialog::setAppend ( String  dir,
String  pattern,
String  file 
) [inline]

Histories are used for the directories, the files and the patterns. The dialog can use different histories for each instance of this class. If you want that, you need to determine the history for the instance with a string, unique for the instance. If a string is empty, "default" is used.


Definition at line 555 of file MyFileDialog.java.

Referenced by loadHistories().

      {     if (FD!=null) return;
            if (!dir.equals("")) DirAppend="."+dir;
            else DirAppend=".default";
            if (!pattern.equals("")) PatternAppend="."+pattern;
            else PatternAppend=".default";
            if (!file.equals("")) FileAppend="."+file;
            else FileAppend=".default";

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