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rene::dialogs::MyFileDialog Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is a file dialog. It is easy to handle, remembers its position and size, and performs pattern matching. The calls needs the rene.viewer.* class, unless you replace Lister with List everywhere. Moreover it needs the rene.gui.Global class to store field histories and determine the background color. Finally, it uses the FileList class to get the list of files.

The dialog does never check for files to exists. This must be done by the application.

There is a static main method, which demonstrates everything.

Definition at line 68 of file MyFileDialog.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean accept (File dir, String file)
void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void addHelp (Panel p, String subject)
void addUndo (String dir)
void center ()
void center (Frame f)
void centerOut (Frame f)
boolean close ()
void dirdown (String subdir)
void dirup ()
void doAction (String o)
void doclose ()
boolean escape ()
void focusGained (FocusEvent e)
void focusLost (FocusEvent e)
String getFilePath ()
String getUndo ()
boolean isAborted ()
void itemAction (String o, boolean flag)
void itemStateChanged (ItemEvent e)
void keyPressed (KeyEvent e)
void keyReleased (KeyEvent e)
void keyTyped (KeyEvent e)
void loadHistories (String dir, String pattern, String file)
void loadHistories ()
void loadHistories (boolean recent)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent e)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent e)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e)
 MyFileDialog (Frame f, String title, boolean saving)
 MyFileDialog (Frame f, String title, String action, boolean saving)
 MyFileDialog (Frame f, String title, String action, boolean saving, boolean help)
void notePosition (String name)
void noteSize (String name)
void setAppend (String dir, String pattern, String file)
void setDirectory (String dir)
void setDispose (boolean flag)
void setFile (String s)
void setFilePath (String file)
void setPattern (String pattern)
void setPosition (String name)
void setSize (String name)
void setVisible (boolean flag)
void showHelp ()
void update ()
void update (boolean recent)
boolean updateDir ()
void updateFiles ()
void windowActivated (WindowEvent e)
void windowClosed (WindowEvent e)
void windowClosing (WindowEvent e)
void windowDeactivated (WindowEvent e)
void windowDeiconified (WindowEvent e)
void windowIconified (WindowEvent e)
void windowOpened (WindowEvent e)

Static Public Member Functions

static void center (Frame f, Dialog dialog)
static void main (String args[])

Public Attributes

ActionEvent E
String Subject = ""

Package Functions

void leave ()
Panel linePanel (Component x, Component y)

Package Attributes

boolean Aborted = true
TextField Chosen
String CurrentDir = "."
String DirAppend = ""
HistoryTextField DirField
HistoryTextFieldChoice DirHistory
Lister Dirs
boolean Dispose = true
Frame F
FileDialog FD
String FileAppend = ""
HistoryTextField FileField
HistoryTextFieldChoice FileHistory
Lister Files
Button Home
boolean HomeShiftControl = false
String PatternAppend = ""
HistoryTextField PatternField
MyVector Undo = new MyVector()

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