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fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::processor::WidthProcessor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::processor::WidthProcessor:

fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::processor::ProcessorImpl fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::processor::WidthProcessorInterface fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::processor::Processor fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::processor::Processor

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Detailed Description

A processor for the width of the formula.
What is called width corresponds to the number of operand of an operator. (i.e. the number of children of a node in the formula tree stucture.
The processor only displays a specified amount of operand of an operator whose number of operands is greater than a specified value. The other operands are iconified.

2000 DIRAT Laurent
1.0 21/08/2000

Definition at line 46 of file WidthProcessor.java.

Public Member Functions

void doProcess ()
int getBiggestWidth ()
Formula getFormula ()
int getLevel ()
int getProcessingId ()
boolean getUpdateDisplay ()
int getView ()
int getWidthLevel ()
Vector getWidthList ()
void init ()
void setFormula (Formula formula)
void setLevel (int level)
void setProcessingId (int processingId)
void setUpdateDisplay (boolean updateDisplay)
void setView (int view)
void setWidthLevel (int widthLevel)
 WidthProcessor (Formula formula)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String args[])

Static Public Attributes

static final int COMPUTE = 1
static final int COMPUTE_AND_ICONIFY = 4
static final int RECURSIVE_ICONIFICATION = 3
static final int SIMPLE_ICONIFICATION = 2

Private Member Functions

void addNewWidth (int width)
void buildWidthList (FormulaTreeStructure fts)
void iconify (FormulaTreeStructure fts, int width)
void iconifyAllTheFTS (FormulaTreeStructure fts, int width)
void iconifyTheFTS (FormulaTreeStructure fts, int width)

Private Attributes

boolean isListValid = false
int view = -1
Vector widthList = new Vector()

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