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fr::ove::openmath::jome::model::events::ModelEvent Class Reference

Inherits java::util::EventObject.

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Detailed Description

The event to send to all objects that implements the interface ModelListener and which want to be alerted of changes of the model they are listening to.

1998 DIRAT Laurent
1.0 09/07/98

Definition at line 40 of file ModelEvent.java.

Public Member Functions

int getAction ()
Object getArgument ()
 ModelEvent (Object src)
void setAction (int action, Object argument)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ADD = 0
static final int CLEAR = 6
static final int CREATE = 10
static final int HERE_IS_MAPLE = 5
static final int HERE_IS_OPENMATH = 4
static final int MOVE = 2
static final int REBUILD = 7
static final int REMOVE = 1
static final int UPDATE = 3

Private Attributes

int action
Object argument

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