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LatticeViewer Class Reference

Inherits java::applet::Applet.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

An applet to put a Chemical/Atomic Lattice model into a page

Definition at line 418 of file LatticeViewer.java.

Public Member Functions

void init ()
boolean mouseDown (Event e, int x, int y)
boolean mouseDrag (Event e, int x, int y)
void paint (Graphics g)
void run ()
void start ()
void stop ()
void update (Graphics g)

Package Attributes

Matrix3D amat = new Matrix3D()
Image backBuffer
Graphics backGC
Dimension backSize
Color bgcolor
Color bondcolor
boolean bonds = false
boolean box = false
Color boxcolor
boolean label = false
XYZLatModel md
String mdname = null
String message = null
boolean painted = true
String param
int prevx
int prevy
float scalefudge = 1
Matrix3D tmat = new Matrix3D()
float xfac
float xtheta
float ytheta

Private Member Functions

synchronized void newBackBuffer ()
synchronized void setPainted ()
synchronized void waitPainted ()

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