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    WIMSchem Elements: Chemistry molecular diagram drawing tool.
    (c) 2008 Dr. Alex M. Clark
    Released as GNUware, under the Gnu Public License (GPL)
    See www.gnu.org for details.

package WIMSchem.ds;

import WIMSchem.*;

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;

    Caching system for DataSheet instances, which is intended for undo/redo purposes.
    NOTE: current implementation is very inefficient, as it stores a copy of the datasheet for every undo/redo instance.
    At some point this should be rewritten to store differences.

public class DataSheetCache
    private final int MAX_UNDO=10;
    private Stack<String> undo=new Stack<String>(),redo=new Stack<String>();
    public DataSheetCache()
    public boolean CanUndo() {return !undo.empty();}
    public boolean CanRedo() {return !redo.empty();}
    /* !! figure something out...
    public void NotifySaved() {saveidx=curidx;}
    public boolean IsSaved() {return curidx==saveidx;}*/
    public void CacheUndo(DataSheet DS)
      String str=ToString(DS);
      while (undo.size()>MAX_UNDO) undo.remove(0);
    public DataSheet PerformUndo(DataSheet Cur)
      if (undo.empty()) return null;
      return FromString(undo.pop());
    public DataSheet PerformRedo(DataSheet Cur)
      if (redo.empty()) return null;
      return FromString(redo.pop());
    private String ToString(DataSheet DS)
      StringWriter sw=new StringWriter();
      try {DataSheetStream.WriteXML(new BufferedWriter(sw),DS);}
      catch (IOException e) {return null;}
      return sw.toString();
    private DataSheet FromString(String StrDS)
      DataSheet ds=null;
          if (DataSheetStream.ExamineIsXMLDS(new BufferedReader(new StringReader(StrDS))))
            ds=DataSheetStream.ReadXML(new BufferedReader(new StringReader(StrDS)));
      catch (IOException e) {e.printStackTrace();}
      return ds;

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