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SharpTools::Cell Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is a wrapper class for all objects in the table.

A cell has a value which is either text or a number. If it is a formula cell it also has an expression associated with it. In addition, a cell has a list of all cells that reference it.

Ricky Chin

Definition at line 22 of file Cell.java.

Public Member Functions

void addRef (CellPoint reference)
 Cell (Formula thing, Object eVal, TreeSet reference)
 Cell (Object datum, TreeSet reference)
 Cell (Object datum)
 Cell ()
int compare (Cell x, boolean ascending)
Formula getFormula ()
TreeSet getRefs ()
int getType ()
Object getValue ()
boolean hasRefs ()
boolean isEmpty ()
boolean isErrorCell ()
boolean isFormula ()
void removeRef (CellPoint reference)
void setData (Object datum)
void setFormula (Formula form)
void setValue (Object datum)
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int FORMULA = 2
static final int NUMBER = 1
static final int TEXT = 0

Private Attributes

Formula expression
TreeSet refs
Object value

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