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package rene.dialogs;

import java.awt.FlowLayout;
import java.awt.Frame;
import java.awt.Panel;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;

import rene.gui.ButtonAction;
import rene.gui.CloseDialog;
import rene.gui.Global;
import rene.gui.MyLabel;
import rene.gui.MyPanel;

This is a simple yes/no question. May be used as modal or non-modal
dialog. Modal Question dialogs must be overriden to do something
sensible with the tell method. In any case setVible(true) must be
called in the calling program.
The static YesString and NoString may be overriden for foreign

00024 public class Question extends CloseDialog 
    implements ActionListener
{     public int Result;
      Object O;
      Frame F;
      public static int NO=0,YES=1,ABORT=-1;
      public Question (Frame f, String c, String title, Object o, 
            boolean abort, boolean flag)
      {     super(f,title,flag);
            Panel pc=new MyPanel();
            FlowLayout fl=new FlowLayout();
            pc.add(new MyLabel(" "+c+" "));
            Panel p=new MyPanel();
            p.setLayout(new FlowLayout(FlowLayout.RIGHT));
            p.add(new ButtonAction(this,Global.name("yes"),"Yes"));
            p.add(new ButtonAction(this,Global.name("no"),"No"));
            if (abort) p.add(new ButtonAction(this,Global.name("abort"),"Abort"));
      public Question (Frame f, String c, String title, Object o, boolean flag)
      {     this(f,c,title,o,true,flag);
      public Question (Frame f, String c, String title)
      {     this(f,c,title,null,true,true);
      public Question (Frame f, String c, String title, boolean abort)
      {     this(f,c,title,null,abort,true);
      public void doAction (String o)
      {     if (o.equals("Yes"))
            {     tell(this,O,YES);
            else if (o.equals("No"))
            {     tell(this,O,NO);
            else if (o.equals("Abort"))
            {     tell(this,O,ABORT);
      Needs to be overriden for modal usage. Should dispose the dialog.
00073       public void tell (Question q, Object o, int f)
      {     Result=f;
      @return if the user pressed yes.
00080       public boolean yes ()
      {     return Result==YES;
      public int getResult ()
      {     return Result;

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