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synchronized FunctionAndName org::javia::arity::Symbols::compile ( String  source  )  throws SyntaxException [inline]

Compiles an expression in the context of this Symbols. Does not modify the symbols.

An expression is one of these cases (

See also:
  • constant value: 1+1
  • implicit function: x+1
  • constant definition: a=1+1
  • function definition with explicit arguments: f(a)=a+1
  • function definition with implicit arguments: f=x+1

source the expression; may contain '=' to denote a definition (with a name).
the function together with its eventual name.

If this is not a definition (e.g. "1+1", "x^2"), the name is null.

If the expression is a constant (e.g. "1+1", "a=2"), the returned Function is an instance of Constant.

SyntaxException if there are errors compiling the expression.

Definition at line 123 of file Symbols.java.

References org::javia::arity::Compiler::compile().

Referenced by org::javia::arity::UnitTest::main(), and Symbols().

        return getCompiler().compile(this, source);

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