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    WIMSchem Elements: Chemistry molecular diagram drawing tool.
    (c) 2005 Dr. Alex M. Clark
    Released as GNUware, under the Gnu Public License (GPL)
    See www.gnu.org for details.

package WIMSchem;

import java.util.*;
import java.text.*;
import java.lang.*;
import javax.swing.*;

// A very generic class containing static utility functions, which are painfully absent from the Java libraries.

public class Utils
    // pure convenience
    public static void write(String S) {System.out.print(S);}
    public static void writeln(String S) {System.out.println(S);}

    public static void errmsg(String Title,String Text)

    // parse number-from-string functions which return a default value if it's badly formatted, instead of throwing an exception
    public static int safeInt(String S,int Def) 
      if (S==null) return Def;
      try {return new Integer(S).intValue();} 
      catch (NumberFormatException e) {return Def;}
    public static int safeInt(String S) {return safeInt(S,0);}
    public static double safeDouble(String S,double Def) 
      if (S==null) return Def;
      try {return new Double(S).doubleValue();} 
      catch (NumberFormatException e) {return Def;}
    public static double safeDouble(String S) {return safeDouble(S,0);}

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