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rene::zirkel::objects::TrackObject Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This object contains an automatic track. It is saved in the construction like any other ConstructionObject. Validation is time consuming and is done only on repaints from ZirkelCanvas.

Definition at line 91 of file TrackObject.java.

Public Member Functions

void addConditional (String tag, Expression expr)
void addCoordinates (Vector v, ConstructionObject p, double x, double y)
void addDepInExpressions (String s)
void addSecondary (boolean startedO[])
boolean canDisplayName ()
boolean canFix ()
boolean canInteresectWith (ConstructionObject o)
boolean canKeepClose ()
double changedBy ()
void checkConditionals () throws ConstructionException
void clearCircleDep ()
void clearConditionals ()
void clearParameter ()
int compare (SortObject o)
synchronized void compute (ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean contains (PointObject p)
ConstructionObject copy ()
Enumeration depending ()
boolean dependsOn (ConstructionObject o)
Enumeration depset (ConstructionObject o1, ConstructionObject o2, ConstructionObject o3)
Enumeration depset (ConstructionObject o1, ConstructionObject o2)
Enumeration depset (ConstructionObject o1)
void discardMV ()
boolean displays (ZirkelCanvas zc)
synchronized void docompute (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void drawCenteredLabel (MyGraphics g, String s, ZirkelCanvas zc, double x, double y, double xo, double yo)
void drawLabel (MyGraphics g, String s, ZirkelCanvas zc, double x, double y, double vx, double vy, double xo, double yo)
void drawLabel (MyGraphics g, String s)
void drawPointLabel (MyGraphics g, String s, ZirkelCanvas zc, double x, double y, double vx, double vy, double xo, double yo)
void edit (ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean equals (double x, double y)
boolean equals (ConstructionObject o)
String getAlias ()
Color getColor ()
int getColorIndex ()
int getColorIndex (boolean original)
int getColorType ()
int getColorType (boolean original)
Expression getConditional (String tag)
Construction getConstruction ()
ConstructionObject[] getDepArray ()
String getDescription ()
String getDisplayText ()
String getDisplayValue ()
double getDMin ()
Color getElementColor ()
String getElementString ()
String getElementString (int state)
String getEquation ()
double getLength () throws ConstructionException
int getN ()
String getName ()
int getNCount ()
boolean getObtuse ()
String getSizeDisplay ()
double getSum () throws ConstructionException
double getSum (double x, double y) throws ConstructionException
String getTag ()
String getText ()
ConstructionObject getTranslation ()
int getType ()
String getUnit ()
double getValue () throws ConstructionException
MyVector getVector ()
double getZ () throws ConstructionException
boolean hasUnit ()
boolean haveConditional (String tag)
boolean haveConditionals ()
String helpDisplayNumber (boolean start, double x)
String helpDisplayValue (boolean start, double x, String tag)
boolean indicated ()
boolean isBack ()
boolean isBack (boolean original)
boolean isBold ()
boolean isBreak ()
boolean isBreakHide ()
boolean isDiscrete ()
boolean isFilled ()
boolean isFilledForSelect ()
boolean isFixed ()
boolean isFlag ()
boolean isGotNCount ()
boolean isHidden ()
boolean isHidden (boolean original)
boolean isHideBreak ()
boolean isInConstruction ()
boolean isJobTarget ()
boolean isKeep ()
boolean isKeepClose ()
boolean isLarge ()
boolean isMainParameter ()
boolean isParameter ()
boolean isRekFlag ()
boolean isSelectable ()
boolean isSolid ()
boolean isSolid (boolean original)
boolean isSpecialParameter ()
boolean isStrongSelected ()
boolean isSuperHidden ()
boolean isSuperHidden (boolean original)
boolean isTarget ()
boolean labelSelected ()
void laterBind (Construction c)
void laterTranslate (Construction c)
boolean locallyLike (ConstructionObject o)
boolean maybeTransparent ()
boolean mustHide (ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean nearto (int x, int y, boolean ignorefill, ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean nearto (int x, int y, ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean onlynearto (int c, int r, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void paint (MyGraphics g, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void printArgs (XmlWriter xml)
void printType (XmlWriter xml)
void project (PointObject P, double alpha)
synchronized void project (PointObject P)
String replaceExpressions (String s)
void round ()
double round (double x, double Rounder)
double round (double x)
double roundDisplay (double x)
void save (XmlWriter xml)
Enumeration secondaryParams ()
boolean selected ()
void setAlias (String s)
void setBack (boolean flag)
void setBold (boolean bold)
void setBreak (boolean flag)
void setBreakHide (boolean flag)
void setcOffset (double x, double y)
void setColor (int index)
void setColorType (int type)
void setConstruction (Construction c)
void setDefaults ()
void setDiscrete (boolean discrete)
void setDMin (double dmin)
void setFilled (boolean flag)
void setFixed (String o)
void setFixed (boolean f)
void setFlag (boolean flag)
void setFont (MyGraphics g)
void setGotNCount (boolean gotNCount)
void setHidden (boolean flag)
void setHideBreak (boolean flag)
void setInConstruction (boolean flag)
void setIndicated (boolean f, boolean showname)
void setIndicated (boolean f)
void setJobTarget (boolean flag)
void setKeep (boolean flag)
void setKeepClose (boolean flag)
void setKeepClose (double x, double y)
void setLabelSelected (boolean flag)
void setLarge (boolean large)
void setMainParameter ()
void setName (String n)
void setName ()
void setNameCheck (String n) throws ConstructionException
void setNameWithNumber (String n)
void setNCount (int count)
void setObtuse (boolean flag)
void setOffset (int x, int y)
void setParameter ()
void setRekFlag (boolean flag)
void setSelectable (boolean flag)
void setSelected (boolean flag)
void setShowName (boolean f)
void setShowValue (boolean f)
void setSolid (boolean solid)
void setSpecialParameter (boolean flag)
void setStrongSelected (boolean flag)
void setSuperHidden (boolean flag)
void setTarget (boolean flag)
void setTargetDefaults ()
void setText (String s)
void setText (String s, boolean user)
void setTranslation (ConstructionObject t)
void setType (int type)
void setUnit (String s)
boolean showName ()
boolean showName (boolean original)
boolean showValue ()
boolean showValue (boolean original)
void snap (ZirkelCanvas zc)
boolean testConditional (String tag)
boolean textcontains (int x, int y, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void toggleHidden ()
 TrackObject (Construction c, ConstructionObject p, ConstructionObject po[], int pn, ConstructionObject o, PointObject pm)
void translate ()
void translateConditionals ()
String translateExpressions (String s)
void translateOffset (ZirkelCanvas zc)
void updateCircleDep ()
double updateDA (double da, boolean valid, double dist, double dp, double dmin, double dmax, ZirkelCanvas zc)
void updateText ()
boolean valid ()
void validate ()
boolean visible (ZirkelCanvas zc)
double xcOffset ()
double ycOffset ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PointObject getPointObject (Expression E)
static String text1 (String format, String s1)
static String text2 (String format, String s1, String s2)
static String text3 (String format, String s1, String s2, String s3)
static String text4 (String format, String s1, String s2, String s3, String s4)
static String textAny (String format, String ss[])

Public Attributes

boolean Flag
boolean HasZ
boolean IsDrawn
boolean RekFlag
boolean RekValidating = false
int Scratch
boolean SpecialParameter = false
double StepSize = 5
double Value = 1000
MyVector VRek

Static Public Attributes

static final int DescriptionState = 0
static DepList DL = new DepList()
static final int FormulaState = 1
static final int INVISIBLE = 3
static final int NORMAL = 0
static final int SizeState = 2
static final int THICK = 1
static final int THIN = 2

Protected Attributes

boolean Back = false
boolean Bold = false
boolean Break = false
boolean BreakHide = false
Color C = Color.black
Construction Cn
int ColorIndex = 0
int ColorType = 0
Vector Conditionals
boolean DisplaysText = false
boolean gotNCount = false
boolean Hidden = false
boolean HideBreak = false
boolean inConstruction
boolean Indicated = false
boolean JobTarget = false
boolean Keep = false
boolean KeepClose
boolean LabelSelected = false
boolean Large = false
boolean MainParameter
String Name = "Generic"
int NCount = 0
boolean Obtuse = true
boolean Parameter
boolean Selectable = true
boolean Selected = false
boolean ShowIndicatedName = false
boolean ShowName = false
boolean ShowValue = false
boolean Solid = false
boolean StrongSelected = false
boolean SuperHidden = false
boolean Target
String Text = "???"
ConstructionObject Translation
double TX1
double TX2
double TY1
double TY2
String Unit = ""
boolean Valid = true
double XcOffset = 0.0
double YcOffset = 0.0

Static Protected Attributes

static int Count = 1

Package Functions

double mod (double x)

Package Attributes

ExpressionString AliasES = null
double da = 0
boolean Discrete = false
double DMin = 0.001
boolean DontProject = false
double DX
double DXO [] = new double[PMax]
double DY
double DYO [] = new double[PMax]
boolean Filled = false
boolean Fixed = false
MyVector MV
boolean MVInUse = false
ConstructionObject O
int OldColorIndex
double oldx
double oldy
int Omit = 1
ConstructionObject P
PolygonFiller PF = null
PointObject PM
int PMax = 16
int PN
ConstructionObject PO [] = new ConstructionObject[PMax]
boolean StartFix
int Type = 0
Vector V = new Vector()
Vector VO [] = new Vector[PMax]
double X
double XO [] = new double[PMax]
double Y
double YO [] = new double[PMax]

Static Package Attributes

static Count N = new Count()

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