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synchronized void ptolemy::plot::PlotBox::fillPlot (  )  [inline]

Rescale so that the data that is currently plotted just fits. This is done based on the protected variables _xBottom, _xTop, _yBottom, and _yTop. It is up to derived classes to ensure that variables are valid. This method calls repaint(), which eventually causes the display to be updated.

Reimplemented in ptolemy::plot::Histogram, and ptolemy::plot::Plot.

Definition at line 563 of file PlotBox.java.

References _xBottom, _xTop, _yBottom, _yTop, setXRange(), and setYRange().

        // NOTE: These used to be _setXRange() and _setYRange() to avoid
        // confusing this with user-specified ranges.  But we want to treat
        // a fill command as a user specified range.
        // EAL, 6/12/00.
        setXRange(_xBottom, _xTop);
        setYRange(_yBottom, _yTop);

        // Reacquire the focus so that key bindings work.
        // NOTE: no longer needed?
        // requestFocus();

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