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fr::ove::openmath::jome::ctrlview::bidim::GraphicContext Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The graphic context of each part of the formula to display.

1998 DIRAT Laurent
1.0 22/06/98

Definition at line 39 of file GraphicContext.java.

Public Member Functions

Color getBackgroundColor ()
Font getFont ()
Color getForegroundColor ()
Color getSelectionColor ()
int getSizeRef ()
 GraphicContext (GraphicContext gc)
 GraphicContext (Font font, Color foregroundColor, Color backgroundColor, Color selectionColor)
 GraphicContext ()
Font scaleFont (int nbTime)
void setBackgroundColor (Color backgroundColor)
void setFont (Font font)
void setForegroundColor (Color foregroundColor)
void setSelectionColor (Color selectionColor)

Private Attributes

Color backgroundColor
Font font
Color foregroundColor
int nbTime = 0
int sizeRef

Static Private Attributes

static Color selectionColor

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