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fr::ove::openmath::exceptions::ErrorMessageException Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An exception to subclass to alerts application of errors or to specialize the treatment of the symbol that causes the thrown of that kind of instance.
This class must be subclassed (it is an abstract class) to set the adequat error message and the possible details according to the symbol.

1998 DIRAT Laurent
1.0 13/04/99

Definition at line 40 of file ErrorMessageException.java.

Public Member Functions

 ErrorMessageException (String symbol, Object details)
 ErrorMessageException (String symbol)
Object getDetails ()
String getErrorMessage ()
String getSymbol ()
boolean getThrowAgain ()
void setDetails (Object details)
void setErrorMessage (String errorMessage)
void setSymbol (String symbol)
void setThrowAgain (boolean throwAgain)

Private Attributes

Object details
String errorMessage
String symbol
boolean throwAgain = false

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