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package rene.gui;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

A text Button with a midifyable Font. The button
may also be triggered by a keyboard return.
This button class is used in DoActionListener interfaces.

00013 public class ButtonAction extends Button
{   DoActionListener C;
    String Name;
    ActionTranslator AT;
    public ButtonAction (DoActionListener c, String s, String name)
    {   super(s);
        C=c; Name=name;
        addActionListener(AT=new ActionTranslator(c,name));
        if (Global.NormalFont!=null) setFont(Global.NormalFont);
        if (Global.ControlBackground!=null) setBackground(Global.ControlBackground);
    public ButtonAction (DoActionListener c, String s)
    {   this(c,s,s);
    public ActionEvent getAction ()
    { return AT.E;

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