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inp_panel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 inp_panel (Color bgcolor, Image gotbg)
void mouseClicked (MouseEvent e)
void mouseDragged (MouseEvent e)
void mouseEntered (MouseEvent e)
void mouseExited (MouseEvent e)
void mouseMoved (MouseEvent e)
void mousePressed (MouseEvent e)
void mouseReleased (MouseEvent e)
void paint (Graphics g)
String points2string (String rep)
void retry ()

Static Public Attributes

static int ctype
static final int CURVE = 0

Package Functions

void pointPaint (Graphics g, Point p)

Package Attributes

Image bg
static final int CIRCLE = 2
int drag
static final int LINE = 4
Vector lines = new Vector(16384)
static final int LINES = 3
static final int POINTS = 8
static final int POLY = 7
int radius
static final int RECT = 1
static final int SEG = 6
static final int SLINE = 5
int st
int x1
int x2
int y1
int y2

Static Package Attributes

static int ll = 4

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file input.java.

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